Harley Ride to Hatta Fort

Hi everybody. It’s been a while since we sent photos, so I thought I’d send a few. Allison and I abandoned the kids last Friday morning and we rode with a group over to Hatta fort for breakfast. There’s not much spectacular about the breakfast, but the scenery on the mountain is nice and the weather has finally cooled off enough to make it really a pleasant ride. The scenery in the pool was nice, too, but Allison didn’t let me look too much.

Here, everyone stopped at the ‘Dunes’. All of the cars slowed down real slow…

Those are real live sand dunes in the background. Since I didn’t have my 4-wheel drive working, I didn’t take to the dunes on the Harley.

These are friends Sharon and Keith. He’s the safety guy for Dub Gas. They’re canadians and lots of fun ‘eh.

Josh and I about to go get a hamburger. Nothing beats riding to McDonalds with Dad on a Friday morning.

Have a nice one…..

Ken, Allison, Josh and Jessica