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The pesky old Bells are up to their travel tricks again. This time they took the kids during spring break to Thailand. It is a beautiful country with a rich history and very friendly people. Armed with little more than a 'Lonely Planet' travel guide and

The Kingdom of Thailand is bordered by Laos and Cambodia to the east and Myanmar (otherwise known as Burma) to the north and Malasia to the south.

Most Americans remember Thailand as an ally from the Vietman conflict. Vietnam is about 100 miles away, just across Cambodia.

The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism and the people are quite proud of the temples which are EVERYWHERE.

The main industry is agriculture and tourism. The Thais are quite good at mixing the two and selling hand made products to the tourists. The slight increase in Thailand's GNP was due to the Bell's visit and Allison's shopping spree.

a few tips from friends, we headed for the airport. If you've read any of the other bell adventures, you'll know that the Airport can be especially troubling this time of the year (see last spring break's trip to Cairo for details.) We went to the airport this year 4 hours before our flight, expecting to wait in line for 4 hours like last year. But, we were quite suprised to get to spend about 3 hours in the lounge waiting for the plane.

Our itinerary had us traveling first to Bangkok to change planes, then we headed up to Chaing Mai to stay for 3 days. Next, we went into the hill country and stayed at the Hmong village lodge. We then went back to Bangtkok to spend the last 3 days before coming home.

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