MEA Schlumberger Year-End Party
Desert Style!

Hello everybody! These are pictures from the Schlumberger Year End Party (a.k.a Christmas Party. It's a muslim country!). Anyway, we had a blast sand surfing, riding camels, and generally partying down. Enjoy!

MEA held it's year end party in December. A great time was had by all. Busses came to pick us up at the Trade Center and carted us off to a secluded desert area near Al Awir. There we were met by 4x4's and we roared off over the dunes to our desert encampment......

Here's a view of the camp from the dune overlooking the camp. As you an see, several tents were setup and refreshing drinks were served. Then the fun started....
Allison Bell poses with the bedouin camel herder.
Everyone enjoying a cool drink before dinner.
Guy Bennett and wife Carole caught by the camera's eye.
What goes up, comes down. Rindala Homsi rides the 'sand' snow board down the hill.
One false move, and look what happens! Great fun, but sand gets everywhere,
Rowena Rodericks rides the camel.
Trude Toubia and Esperanza Abadi take a turn.
After the camel ride, how about some Shesha? Ann D'Souza and Fleur D'costa try the tasty apple tobacco.
"OK, so what's this end doing so high? No body warned me about this!" Janet Kolstad and Beckett Boyd take a turn
And now for the belly dancer.....

Chris Lenn seems to be enjoying the lesson, but Ken Bell is having no part of it!

Joe Schulz shows that the 'more experienced' guys can sand board. He even adds a little bit of style to the trip!

Until next year!