The Alabama Bells go to California

June, 2003. Most of the Alabama Bells and (and all of the Texas Bells) traveled to the Shasta Lake area of California to visit that arm of the family tree. We (Kenny, Allison, Josh, and Jessica) met up with Pop (Tank), Granny (Sara), Albert, Jane, Ben, and Logan in Sacramento. From there we headed north on I-5 to Uncle Joe’s (Jady) and Aunt Nellie’s. We spent a week getting to know each other and seeing some of the sights in and around the area.

All of us Alabama folks (except for Granny and Pop) went with John Glenn, Dawn and their children, Morgan and Johnny (some of the CA Bells) to the coast for two days. We stopped in several places along the way like Orick, Trinidad, and Klamath. We spent the night in Crescent City before heading back to Shasta Lake. It was a great trip all around (the short one and the long one!) and we are all talking about going back. We took many photos on this trip; these are a sampling of them. There is no way they can convey what a good time we all had; you are just going to have to take our word on that. Enjoy!

The whole family-minus Aunt Nellie, Glenn and Michael- posed for family pictures on Uncle Joe and Aunt Nellie’s deck.
The youngest generation was very patient for all of us with cameras.
Alvin, Joe, and Tank Bell. (Joe and Tank are brothers and Alvin is Joe’s son)

This is Miss Aspen.
Mr. Buck Hunter.

Dixie had her hands full with Raegan from time to time.

Johnny, Dawn, John Glenn, and Morgan Bell

Jeff, Patty holding Raegan, and Logan.

Ursula holding Buck Hunter, her husband Brent, Carson and Aspen (in front).
Ursala and Buck
Johnny and Otis, one of Dixie and Glenn’s dogs.
And Sharee. Those are whirligigs on the deck railing showing up behind them.
Buck giving Logan a ride.
Glenn about to get a kiss from Raegan.

Stephanie and her daughter, Patti Sue.

Kenny giving Logan a hand at shooting pool.

Albert posing at the beach in Trinidad.

Logan at Shasta Lake.

Morgan showing off one of the starfish that we found at Trinidad.
Jessica on the beach at Crescent City, near the Beachcomber Restaurant. And yes, it was cold enough for the sweater.

Ben showing us one of the huge pinecones he found near Shasta Lake.
The Harbor at Crescent City

Surf’s Up!! Outside of Ocean World in Crescent City they had this surfboard and all of the kids took turns posing on it. This is Ben giving us the surfer’s pose.

Logan took a turn on the surfboard and did very well!

Morgan managed to look like a professional when she got on it.

Jessica in front of a redwood castle at one of the roadside redwood souvenier shops. They had a huge pile of those very large pinecones also.
Ben found a reason to head come back to visit at the harbor in Crescent City.

Logan, Morgan, Ben, Josh, and Johnny on the rocks at Trinidad. Ben is holding either a hermit crab or a starfish.
Josh in front of one of the many stacks of crab traps at the harbor in Crescent City.
All of the kids on the wall near Shasta Dam.

All six of them managed to squeeze into the shark’s mouth at Ocean World.
"Set sail with Captain Morgan..."

Allison met the Captain at Ocean World and he let her rest her bones next to him for a little while.

Front: Jessica, Morgan, Logan, Johnny, Josh, and Ben. Back: Albert, Jane John, Dawn, Kenny, and Allison. This was in front of the Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City.
Driving through the Redwoods.

We stopped in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and did a short hike on the Ah-Pah Trail. There were numerous photo opportunities and we took advantage of them! All of these “tree” photos were taken there.

Jessica sitting next to one of the huge trees.

John took this one of all of the rest of us in front of this monster tree. L-R: Jane, Kenny, Allison, Morgan, Jessica, Josh, Logan, Ben, Dawn, and Johnny.

Jessica and Allison

Jessica, Jane, Johnny, Ben, Morgan, Logan, and Josh posed by this tree on the side of the road.

I’m not sure if this is two trees that have sort of grown together or if it is one tree that was split but…they had a good time climbing in it!

This is one tree that has rotted out in the middle. There was more than enough room for all of us to walk through it.

This one gives you a good idea of how big these trees really are. They definitely make you feel very insignificant—think how the ants must feel!
There really is a drive through tree—and John Glen took us right to it and we all got to drive through it!

In Crescent City we visited the North Coast Marine Mammal Center. The great folks there care for injured seals, sea lions, and dolphins until they can be returned to the wild. This is a little harbor seal that was recuperating there.
Everyone laughed at this photo but this is one sign you don’t see often! Crescent City was the sight of a destructive tsunami in 1964 that destroyed 29 blocks of town, and more than 300 buildings. Eleven people were killed and three were never found. The tsunami was triggered by an earthquake in Prince William Sound in Alaska. It was 8.5 on the Richter and the most severe ever recorded in North America.

In Trinidad at the docks there were many of these boats moored. There was a small boat that would take you out to them when you were ready to go.
The dock and nearby rocks were covered up with these seagulls.

The Roosevelt Elk, the largest of their kind, are seen in herds along the road near Orick. We spotted these and stopped to get some great pictures.

This tribute to ‘The End of the Trail’ is carved from one redwood tree and stands at the entrance to the Trees of Mystery redwood tour. Inside the gift shop there is the ‘End of the Trail Museum’, a wonderful collection of American Indian artifacts. No way was there enough time to see it all.

Paul Bunyan and his ox, Babe are also located at the entrance to Trees of Mystery. The kids had a ball tickling his toes and talking to him. We learned that he had cut down the Sahara Forest in his younger days among other things.

Back in the Mt. Shasta area, we saw these magnificent granite spires in Castle Crags State Park. They range in height from 2000 feet to over 6500 feet. They are visible several times along Interstate 5.

We discovered that this area of California is Bigfoot country. There are several statues of him all over the area. This is the original statue in Willow City. You might recognize it as the one that is in the World Book Encyclopedia.
Ken and Allison took a day drive up to Mt. Shasta. That's snow on them thar hills. To prove it...'s Allison's feet in the snow. Not as cold as it seems.
And in late breaking news, The giant statute of Paul Bunyan previously near Klamath said he had just about had it with 'Babe' the Blue Ox'. Bunyan said he was headed back to the Sahara Forest to go to work.

He's picked up a new running buddy in 'Bob' the Brown Elk'. They were seen here crossing Mt. Shasta on their way back East.

The devastated owner of 'The Trees of Mystery', Jim Mystery said he would now have a difficult time convincing people to stop at the popular pricey tourist trap now that Bunyan had left him.

"Paul would talk to the tourist and tell them about his history and joke with the kids. That ox just stands there.", said Mystery.

"Why would anyone stop here when they can see the Redwoods for free?"

The only mystery now at 'The Trees of Mystery', is how are we going to pay the bills now that Paul is gone?"