Bells Christmas 2005

Bells Christmas Card 2000

Dear Family and Friends, November 25, 2005

Here it is again—time to write the annual Christmas letter. I say it every year and mean it more and more every year—where does the time go? Faster every year is seems. So… let me catch you up on all of us.

Josh is doing well, only a few major bouts with his asthma this year. He’s sixteen and a junior in high school this year. All of the arguing that he likes to do finally paid off for him-he earned his letter in debate last year and is on the debate team again this year. He spent three weeks at St. Edwards University in Austin over the summer at debate camp so hopefully he’ll do as well this year. (Yes, we actually paid for him to learn how to argue better! J) He played football again this year and although he enjoyed it, he was glad when it ended. He is finally growing into those size 13 feet of his—he’s six foot now and still growing. I have to say that it was a shock the first time I had to look up to him! And don’t even get me started on the driving thing!

Jessica is a teenager now and a seventh grader. She was elected to the office of secretary for her school’s Student Council last spring and has really enjoyed the responsibilities that have come along with that this year. She has also turned out to be an athlete—she made the seventh grade volleyball and basketball teams. That has meant getting up at 5 am (Mom, too) for the 6 am practices but there have been no complaints. She is really involved with the youth group at church and spent a week in Kentucky this summer helping to paint and repair houses of the home bound. Needless to say, we are very proud of both of them—we have been truly blessed with wonderful children and we thank God every day for it.

Kenny is still working for the big blue machine and still doing the Information Security job although that may change soon (the job, not the company). He rode in his 10th MS 150 in April (that’s the bicycle ride from Houston to Austin to benefit Multiple Sclerosis) and finished with one of his best times. View the photos. Immediately following that, he started fulfilling a lifelong dream of getting his pilot’s license (yes, flying airplanes). Hopefully, that will be completed by the end of the year. 

I’m still doing my usual routine—carpool, cooking (although not as much), cleaning (UGH!), laundry, crafts (I finally learned to knit this year!), and I went back to work when school started. I’m working for Southwest Books and I go into the schools and run the book fairs. It’s been quite an adjustment since it really is more or less a full time job but I love it. I love being around the kids and the books, and the hours are pretty close to the same as my kid’s school hours and I get the summer and holidays off. Can’t beat that! 

We managed to get a few trips in this year-snow skiing in Taos over spring break and a few days in San Francisco this summer. Check out our website for photos: and click on the Photo Gallery link to the left. As always, we would love to hear from you and would thoroughly enjoy a visit anytime! 

As I sit here the day after Thanksgiving and contemplate what to write in the short space that I have I realize that there is no way I can convey what this last year has meant to us. The natural disasters around the world have proven to us just how incredibly well God has blessed us. Not only with our home, vehicles, jobs, etc. but with the wonderful family and friends that surround us in our lives every day. Although we might not be close geographically, you are in our hearts and thoughts every day and we keep you in our prayers always. May this holiday season be one of joy and peace for all of you and this next year be a good one in every way. Love to all.


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