Deer Hunting

Alabama.jpg (19685 bytes)in


my other trophy buck.BMP (1159590 bytes) Another nice one taken by Byron Bell. Nephew Ben Bell looks on as he learns a little bit about skinning out a big buck.
my trophy buck.BMP (1384542 bytes) Byron Bell's Trophy Buck
Barry's big 8pt.BMP (1328502 bytes) Barry Battle and his 8 pointer.
Alliceville 7pt.BMP (637146 bytes) Alliceville 7 point.
46pt I buried all except for head.BMP (1171854 bytes) A couple that have already made it to the freezer. The racks will hang on somebody's wall.
big doe.BMP (1611774 bytes) Say, that 4 point has all four points pointing down. OK... Where are the horns? A doe taken during the short doe season.
Dustin's 2 trophy spike's.BMP (1179318 bytes) Barry's son Dustin guarding the day's harvest from any preditors.
Rod's big 7pt.BMP (687714 bytes) Rodney Hayes' patience pays off.
semi big 5pt.BMP (768726 bytes) 5 pointer headed for the freezer.