How to Dye Easter Eggs

And other Easter Things....     Easter, 2002

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Sorry that these will be a little slow to download. They are pretty big pictures

Our Lovely assistant, Jessica Bell shows how you get started... first you get you mom to buy some eggs. Then go play while she boils them. Next, have mom make up some dye in some little bowls. After you make a few spills, put down some newspaper
Drop the eggs in the dye.
Swish them around a little bit to make sure the color goes all over the egg.
This is really the fun part.
Set them out to dry for a while on the paper.
All finished and ready for hiding!!
A goofy clip my dad made showing me finishing up the eggs....

After dying eggs, we went to church. Mom and Dad took some pictures of us outside.

Me and Dad
Me and Mom
Me and Josh on the front porch swing... Just a swinging!
Me, grinning
What it looks like around our yard. See mom's Easter flag?

For Easter, we usually get a few goodies in our Easter baskets. 

Turn your head sideways and take a look at this one.
Josh checking out his 'loot'. 
My Bracelet. This is one thing I won't have to hide from Mom and Dad. They try to eat all of my chocolate.
Money... I know what to do with that.

Happy Easter,

Ken, Allison, Josh and Jessica