Cessna Skylane 71317 flight Grand Junction, CO to Gunnison, CO

Abusing Mike Ladd again as my naviagator, we managed to take the trusty 182 to Gunnison. At 7665', Gunnison is the highest airport I have ever landed at.

This was also my first time to shut down alongside a snow plow!

At 12,500' and the O-470 is warm and humming like a song. Happy as a lark

That's Runway 06 off in the distance. Notice all the snow? Fasten your seatbelt. We'll be landing at 7665' in just a few minutes.

We are right downwind for runway 06. Left patterns to be avoided because the airstrip is practically downtown.

We're on final for 06... Carrying just a little extra speed. The runway is 9400' long, so no worries there

It's hard to wipe the grin off my face. The elevation of the airport is just above my head on the building.

That's a snow plow in the background. The runway was completely clear, but the taxiway wasn't.

Back in the air, we fly over Colorado's version of crop circles.

Actually good to see an area that we might be able to land on, should the need arise.

The gorge we flew over was just beautiful. Might have to find out how to fish this one later in the year.

Back to Grand Junction and straignt in on 29er. It's 50 degF here instead of the 14 degF in Gunnison.