Move to Colorado

Here are some photos 'looking out the back door' , a few from the move up here, and a few from around the area.....

Looking our our back door... Use the slider at the bottom of the browser window to see the panoramic view ---->
Use your browser 'slider' to drag to the right and see a panoramic view.

Our 'Guard Rabbit' protecting our yard

Jessica and Allison at Grizzley Creek

Parachute creek... up the road about 2 miles

Rulison Nuclear Blast site

Rifle Falls Reservoir

Rifle Falls

Chipmonk at Ruilison

Grand Junction Canyon

Bookcliffs mountain in Grand Junction

Glenwood Canyon

The photo is a little fuzzy, but this is a black cougar a.ka. panther. He's the size of a big dog. We were in his territory and not the other way 'round.

A helicopter getting water to put out the fire near New Castle...

On the last drive up, we came across the continental divide at Independence Pass. 

We stopped at Twin Lakes and saw this humorus sign in a little store...