Spring Break 2008

Josh invited close friends Blake Burkett and Gabe Tognetti back to Colorado for spring break. Here are a few photos :

The week started in Denver and a long drive to get to Parachute, CO. The next morning, we got up and picked up another 4 wheeler and drove to Rabbit Valley to do some 4-wheeling.

After a good nap, we headed out to Powderhorn ski area and some runs on the slopes.

On Monday, we decided to try 4-wheeling in the snow. The mountain behind Josh's house is pretty high and most of it is covered in snow.

... of course a snowball fight ensued.

Josh showed us how to get up a steep hill.....

... and the ending result after hugging some mud.

Then Josh made a snow angel and the snow got kind of muddy....

Mr. Bell had a great idea about stopping by a little creek. All of the 4-wheelers got buried up to the running board in the snow. We got to use the winch for the first time to get them out of the snow.